Governments by nature are cancers that threaten the lives and freedoms of their citizens. The most significant threat to any nation is its own government. The second most significant threat to any nation is the government of another nation. Therefore, the government should be arranged so that it firstly protects its citizens from itself, and secondly protects its citizens from the governments of other nations.

The government exists to protect the freedom and individual liberty of its citizens, to protect its citizens’ lives and private property from attack, theft and fraud. The government exists essentially to allow citizens to do whatever they want as long as they do not hurt other citizens and within the basic frameworks of society.

The government should be afraid of its citizens, not the other way around. This ensures that the government never becomes so powerful that it oppresses its citizens. The founding fathers of the United States understood this extremely well, but many today do not. They have had it too easy for too long and have not had to fight for their freedom.

The government does not exist to ensure that all citizens receive and equal outcome in life. The government exists to ensure that all citizens receive equal opportunities. All humans are not created equal, but all humans should be given the same opportunities without discrimination based on factors they cannot control. Results in life are determined by merit, talent, effort, patience, tenacity and some luck. Results in life will inevitably be unequal. This is right and just, as long as upward mobility for all citizens remains possible.

Private Property Rights


Freedom of Speech

So-called “hate” speech shall not be infringed or censored unless such speech is a direct threat of violence. The government shall

Firearms and Self Defense

Governments by nature are perpetually expanding entities and with increased government inevitably comes decreased personal liberty. The best way to ensure that the government remains afraid of its people and therefore remains a small government is with a large and well-armed population trained in firearm usage. The rights of all citizens to own firearms shall not be infringed, including but not limited to hand guns, rifles, semi- and fully automatic rifles, machine guns, as well as personal protective armor and tactical equipment.


Socialized medicine

The government shall ensure that healthcare is available to all citizens at low-cost relative to median average annual incomes. Private health companies shall have the right to base individual health coverage prices on individuals health choices in life but not on health conditions which individuals cannot control or have inherited. The government shall monitor and regulate all healthcare companies to ensure that they are charging fair and reasonably affordable prices for coverage.

All individuals shall have the right receive emergency health care with the option to pay later on monthly plans, with interest rates and terms set depending on the individual’s credit rating. No individual shall be denied emergency care due to being a high risk of non-payment of medical debts.

Freedom of the Press

Government Spying and Data Collection of Citizens

The government shall have not right whatsoever to access citizens’ private information or communications of any kind, physical or digital, unless a warrant is provided with reasonable evidence that a citizen may have committed a crime.


Taxation is by definition theft of private property by force with the threat of jail for non-compliance. However, some basic and low levels of taxation are necessary to provide the basic safety services and educational facilities of an advanced and prosperous society.

No form of taxation should ever under any circumstances whatsoever be greater than an effective rate of 10%. If the government is unable to manage its finances at a low rate of taxation, the citizens of that nation should not allow the government to demand more. The government should be very afraid of raising taxes because of the strong anger from citizens. This ensures that taxpayers always remain more powerful than the government collecting the taxes.

Income tax should be progressive from 0% to 10% from income of $10,000/year to $100,000 respectively.

There should be no corporation tax. Shareholders of corporations should be taxed as individuals just as private businesses are.

There should be no dividend tax, which is double taxation and therefore unforgivably evil.

There should be no property taxes. The government should only be able to tax income, not private property.

Capital gains tax should be 10% on all assets owned less than 1 year, and progressively reduce up to 0% on assets owned for 50 years or longer. This encourages long-term investment and punishes short term speculation. Capital gains tax applies to all assets, including but not limited to common and preferred stocks, taxable bonds, real estate, precious metals and physical assets. Capital gains tax should not apply to an individual or family’s primary residence or the first owned motor vehicle of each individual (i.e. every individual can sell one motor vehicle without no capital gains tax).

There should be no payroll tax. Individual income taxes should be paid on or before 6 months later than calendar or fiscal year end. The government shall not have the right to collect tax directly from employees paychecks.

Forming corporations and limited companies should be free for all citizens. Dissolving corporations and limited companies should be free for all citizens.

Financial Institution Regulations

Banking and financial institutions, due to their necessity for all individuals and businesses, should be regulated differently than other businesses.

Energy Regulation

Antitrust and Competition Regulations

Elected Public Official Term Limits

All elected public officials shall not serve more than 4 terms of 4 years each of any public office.

Handling Financial Crises

No financial institution shall be allowed to retain more than 10% of all accounts for one category of banking (consumer deposits, commercial deposits, individual brokerage accounts, retirement accounts).

All financial institutions shall be required to keep 20% or more of net assets in cash, short-term government bonds or precious metals).

In the event of a financial institution going bankrupt, accounts held at that institution shall remain accessible and open to customers while that institution is dismantled and it’s assets are sold at fair market prices. Customers should experience no disruption to their daily financial activities, thus ensure a smooth and well-functioning financial sector and eliminating fear and panic among customers in the event of a crisis.

The government shall have the ability to recapitalize any financial institution that accounts for 5% or more of any category of banking (consumer deposits, commercial deposits, individual brokerage accounts, retirement accounts) in the event of a liquidity crisis with a direct cash injection with interest of 10% + 1 x prime rate (e.g. if the prime rate is 1.5% the rate would be 10+1.5=11.5%). Interest payments from these recapitalizations will be collected by the government and 100% of the interest will divided equally to all citizens and paid by check or direct deposit no later than 6 months after all interest payments are collected.

Military and Defense

The government should maintain and upgrade an adequate stockpile of nuclear missiles and

ICBM and asteroids are the most signific

Asteroid and Space Defense