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Abortion is Indefensible. Abortion is Murder.

Murdering another human being is a horrendous crime, but murdering your own child is in my opinion the single worst thing any human being could do. I make no exaggeration here. There is no moral argument for defending murdering your own unborn child in a healthy pregnancy. Murdering your unborn child is the same as murdering a 6 month old baby or a 1 year old child or a 3 year old child. The only exception to this is when the mother’s life is in danger from the pregnancy, in which case abortion is killing in self defense, which is always permissible if there is no other choice.

As a libertarian, I fully support your and everyone’s right to do whatever you want to your own body, but abortion is about the mother’s body, it’s about the unborn baby’s body. You have no right whatsoever to take the life of the unborn baby inside you if your life isn’t threatened by the pregnancy. Your baby’s life is not your life, it is a unique individual human being completely incapable of defending itself.

This is one issue I will not bend one inch on. We can argue all day and night on the issues of taxes and which companies to invest in and music and relationships and interior design and other issues, but the issue of abortion is not up for debate. Killing babies is wrong. Killing babies is evil. If you walk up to a stranger on the street and kill him just because you don’t want to live in the same city as him, that is wrong. There is no debate, that is wrong and you should be in jail, end of story. If you kill your 10 year old daughter just because you don’t want to deal with her anymore, you are an evil person, end of story. Abortion is evil. Abortion is murder. I cannot forgive any woman who knowingly and willfully decides to murder her own child for no medically valid reason. It is the worst crime of all.

Even in the case of pregnancy caused by rape, abortion is still murder. Having the child and putting him/her up for adoption is the only option. Adopted children have many disadvantages in life, but at least they have a chance at life. A dead baby has 0% chance of any life.

Since most rapes are committed against women are by men the women knows, there are many ways women can drastically reduce their likelihood of being raped. Some, like not getting drunk, are blatantly obvious. Women can learn self defense, women can concealed carry a gun (depending on the state). If I were a woman, I would always carry a gun with me everywhere I went, not because I’m paranoid, but because I want to stay alive and the world is a dangerous place. It’s dangerous enough for a tough man, but for a women many times more so. There is no excuse for not taking precautions to defend yourself.

It is one of life’s little curiosities that so many passionate defenders of animal rights are also firmly in the “pro-choice” crowd; if only they devoted the same level of time and energy to fighting for human life as they do for non-human life. Perhaps they never think critically about their own beliefs and self-reflect. Perhaps they are just unthinking drones of the Social Justice Cult.

This is the end of the issue. This is all I have to say on it. If you are a person who supports abortion, I would genuinely have reservations about how you could possibly consider yourself to be a good person. This is no small issue, this is huge. Legal and easy abortion is essentially the mass murder of future generations. I have never considered myself to be an saintly paragon of virtue, but I am not so evil as to condone killing my own child. That to me is pure evil.

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