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0 Out of 10 – My Review of the Biden Régime Thus Far

So many well-meaning voters were so obsessed with “Orange Man Bad” that they never paid attention to what Joe Biden and the power players propping him up might actually do once they got in office. I don’t mean to say I told you so, but I did. Orange Man wasn’t so bad after all.

Joe Biden, is a devious and lying career politician who in 40+ years of leeching off the public purse has accomplished basically nothing to actually improve any American’s life. On the few occasions when his diminishing mental facilities were operating at a workable level during his campaign, he gave little hope of

And then we inevitably come to the fact that Joe Biden probably didn’t win fair and square. If Joe Biden is the most popular president in US history, then I’m a punk rocker called Sheena. The evidence of fraud in the 2020 election is substantial, and here it is:

The mainstream media’s blatant fawning over him was nothing short of embarrassing. And the big cheeses at CNN and MSNBC wonder why public trust in UD news coverage is so low.

If you believe what CNN and MSNBC tell you, of even the average radical lefty on Twitter, you might think that 74 million American citizens are all white supremacist Nazis who want to kill you in your sleep. I can assure you that this simply isn’t so. Quite the opposite, in fact. The most significant threat to the average American fellow is a left-wing radical from Antifa or some ludicrous radically regressive left-wing policy that claims to promote justice but actually forces authoritarian conformity that would make Orwell himself shocked at its audacity.

Make no mistake about it, radical Democrats don’t want unity, they want conformity. Conformity to their way of thinking, or else is gulags for anyone who disobeys. They want to blatantly stomp all over the US constitution, make freedom of speech and the right to bare arms as ancient as powdered wigs, and turn the entire country into a socialist dystopia. This is the most radically regressive administration in US history. If you were hoping for a bland and safe Obama mkII, you will be shocked.

Nevertheless, as much as I dislike career politicians and loathe totalitarians with every atom in my body, I still want ‘ole Sleepy Joe and Comrade Harris to be redeemed. I do want him to unite America, save the economy, end the rioting and create a prosperous country for us all. But if he manages to do that, I’ll eat my slippers with Tabasco sauce.

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